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I wanted to explore more about the meaning of the pink triangle this week, only with the sex symbols included within the image.  I brought this symbol to class with me last week, which is shown below.

It appears to me that all of these symbols are connected to one another, Venus, Mars, and even Venus and Mars as one, in order to illustrate the GLBT community as a community that is in continuous progress, signified in the central area of the symbol, namely the circle. Further, the different symbols within this one symbol suggest many things. Within this triangle, for instance, we can see many relationships, that of two males, two females, the male and female, and the transgender individual with either male or female. Overall, there is a very powerful connection of the sexes represented within this symbol, a connection that almost suggests a disconnection within the heterosexual world.

I also discovered that the GLBT community reclaimed the pink triangle as a symbol of empowerment, as a means to remember those who suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime. In other words, they have chosen to transform the history of torture that was once widely represented in the pink triangle into a symbol of gay pride and gay rights.   Here is the other picture I brought with me to class last week, a picture of Jewish prisoners lined up for the Nazi soldiers.  The prisoners have the pink triangle pasted to their chests, a means to identify them as homosexual prisoners, their crime being that of homosexuality.

Here is a scene from the movie titled Bent, a movie about the experience of two gay men who use their love for each other as a means to survive during the holocaust.  In this clip, one of the men describes the meaning of the pink triangle during this time period in history.  He says it is considered the lowest symbol of all.

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