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After class last week, I repeatedly reflected on the idea of researching my topic, namely the GLBT community, in a unbiased manner.  Originally, I did not like this idea for no other reason than that I am a product of my environment.  When I was working on my BA in English, all of my teachers taught persuasion as if they were drill sergeants directing me to get down and give them twenty.  Therefore, the primary environmental influence in my writing has been one of persuasion tactics.  Yet after much reflection, I am now convinced I should approach my research topic in a unbiased manner.  I think I will learn more about my topic this way, because rather than interpreting my topic through my eyes, feelings, and experiences, I will attempt to interpret it through the eyes, feelings, and experiences of others.  Further, I think learning how to persuade without using persuasion is probably a technique in itself, and one that I would like to master.

By the way, for those of you who do not check twitter frequently, I posted a link on there of the bubble show Chai mentioned in class.  The bubble guy’s name is Fan Yang.  He has all kinds of shows you can look at.  Here is my favorite.

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