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I wanted to reveal how I handled my first interview, which was online through email notifications.  I began by asking my interviewee, a gay man, if he had any suggestions for what type of questions I should ask the GLBT community.  He mentioned three things that I probably would not have asked, so I was glad I asked him first.  Further, he seem to appreciate that I asked him for suggestions.  The three questions he suggested were:

Does the GLBT community feel safer now than before when this community was not so visible to the public?

Do GLBT individuals on T.V. today reinforce hurtful stereotypes?

Do you feel, as a GLBT individual, that the topic of the GLBT community was used in politics to get votes, especially during the Obama campaign?

These were, I felt, three really helpful questions that I probably would not have thought of on my own.  I decided I will conduct every interview this way, beginning first with asking the interviewee what he or she would like to discuss.  As in the case above, I can ask my interviewee, and will, if he felt the topic of the GLBT community was used to get votes in politics, because clearly it is something that is on his mind and he would like to discuss.

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