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Tonight’s class was interesting.  I really enjoyed sharing my object with everyone and listening to what everyone else had to say about their objects.  One of my favorite of all the objects was the for sale sign.  There really is so much going on in a for sale sign, so much more than what we see, especially currently with the way our economy has been going.  This presentation caused me to reflect on the implications of a for sale sign.  When I see a for sale sign outside of a home, I typically think that people are moving, choosing to start anew.  What I do not think is that they have given up, because they can no longer afford to pay for their home.  I do not think that they abandoned their home, so now the bank is trying to sell it.  Nor do I think about the many other horrible possibilities.  It is not that I do not realize these things are happening, but rather that I do not choose, in the moment of viewing a for sale sign, to think about all of this.  Similar to how I do not view a bubble and think about how scientists once used bubbles in experiments and painters once painted bubbles for money.  Like the bubble, the for sale sign probably has such a long and interesting history that should be researched, especially a history in the case of economics.

I also loved the Pine Tree idea, but I found myself wanting to know more about how these people identify with the Pine Tree.  What does the Pine Tree say about who they are?  Also, how does the history of the Pine Tree relate to their lives in the past, present, and future?  In other words, how did its history influence who they became over time, and who they will continue to work at becoming?  I think these would be interesting questions to consider when researching this object.  

I also will be doing more research on my object, the pink triangle, both as a gay pride and rights symbol, and as a concentration camp identity badge, once called the badge of shame, signifying that a man was homosexual.  I really think this is so incredibly interesting.  Further, I think it is very important, when choosing our objects, to consider their history, a history that includes the past, present, and future.  Now for the call-outs.

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