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I have not researched my new topic yet much, because I have not had the time.  I will be doing a lot of research tomorrow.  But I wanted to let you all know what I will be researching instead now.  I have decided to research the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender community (GLBT).  I really have a great interests in their current political struggles with gay marriage.  I also find it both fascinating and horrifying that the GLBT community still faces the discrimination they do today.  I know in some way we all experience discrimination, especially being that I am a woman, but I feel the GLBT community is the one group of all that currently experiences most of it.  I really do think the way many of us treat the GLBT community today is equivalent to how the people of the middle ages persecuted witches.  In other words, I feel the mentality that says the GLBT community should not have the same right to marry is the same mentality that says “she is a witch.”  But I am willing to accept that maybe I just do not have all the answers.  Maybe someone or something can tell me something I do not know.  This is why I want to research this, what seems to be, absurdity to me.

I also chose this topic because of the amount of hate crimes that take place upon the GLBT community.  These crimes need to stop and I believe they will stop once the GLBT community is accepted within society as a norm.  Once we view the GLBT community the way we view the heterosexual community, I feel the hate crimes will decrease.  A  friend of mine recently said, “I do not have a problem with the GLBT community.  I just do not think they should be pushing their beliefs and decisions in everyone’s faces.”  I then said, “But don’t you see that is part of the problem?  Until our society learns to accept their feelings and decisions, they will continue to be discriminated against.  Children will continue to kill other children, because they are GLBT.  The only way children will stop attacking and killing one another is if the adults around them accept the GLBT community as a norm rather than as something that should be hidden or shunned.”  Here is a video I found on the Ellen Degeneres Show about a young boy who was killed by another young boy for being gay. 

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