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Today I was at work and held a very interesting discussion with a coworker of mine who is lesbian.  She informed me of many different sites I can research for information on the struggles of the GLBT community of the 21st century.  A few of the sites she named were: about.com,  lmbdalegal.com, hrc.com, and phillypride.com.  I will definitely visit these sites in the course of my research.  It was very exciting to talk with her.  I felt the enthusiasm of my topic spring forth as if developing a schema of its own within my brain.  As she told me about her personal experiences of discrimination, I began to understand and connect more extensively with the experience of qualitative research.  I believe investigating information qualitatively rather than quantitatively will open doors for me objective science could not possibly do.  In fact, it is for this reason that I have decided to interview any member of the GLBT community willing to be interviewed, because I want to hear and feel the rawness of this community glide through me.  I want to know the thoughts, concerns, and feelings of these people upfront. 

After telling my coworker my topic today, within a moment she went from being a shrewish mess to being a gregarious speaker.  Her passion for the subject began to simmer through her flustered expression as I told her I was heterosexual, which suggested to me that she has a preconceived notion that heterosexuals are not advocates for the GLBT community.  I want to know what has caused her to develop this and other notions about the heterosexual community.  I want to know why I have worked with this girl for over a year now and today was the first time she told me, after I told her about my research topic, she is lesbian.  I want to know why, as she mentioned, if she joins in a civil union she cannot receive the rights of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) if a problem arises at home in the family.  I also want to know how this issue, and the many other legislative and institutionalized faces of GLBT discrimination, make her feel.  I propose to research these questions about the GLBT community and many more.

In my first blog on this topic, I compared the discrimination that the GLBT community endures today to the witch trials of the middle ages.  I really do feel that the same mentality that once said, “Get her! Hang her!  She is a witch!” is the same mentality that denies the GLBT community equal opportunity today.  It boggles my mind that the words “the bible says” is still part of our language, which to me sounds quite archaic.  In her article, “Balancing Dangers: GLBT Experience in a Time of Anti-GLBT Legislation,” Heidi M. Levitt et al. (2009) says, “Conservative evangelical groups have been some of the most ardent advocates and activists in favor of the initiatives, and the rise of political conservatism in the United States seems to have coincided with increasing interest in banning gay marriage.”  I propose to research the GLBT community, because I want to know why gay marriage has been banned.  I want to know why human beings still justify legal discrimination?  I want to know how these current conditions of lunacy influence minority stress to manifest among the GLBT community.  In what shapes and sizes does minority stress reveal itself within the GLBT community?  What emotional and physical health problems are occurring among the GLBT community?

I already recruited my first subject for an interview, a coworker of mine, Todd, who is gay.  I asked him today at work if he would be interested in engaging in an interview with me on the GLBT community.  He wrote me a note that said, “Sure, I’d be glad to but understand I am not the average homosexual male.  Still sounds fun.”  I chuckled as I read this note, because I realized this is another reason I chose to do my research topic on the GLBT community.  I want to know what the difference is between the average homosexual male and the unique homosexual male.  Overall, the GLBT community and their current struggles with legal discrimination really fascinate me.  I look forward to being an advocate in their corner, helping them fight for the rights they deserve.  As Ellen Degeneres says in the clip I attached to my first blog, GLBT individuals are not second-class citizens.  They are humans, spiritually endowed with a holy perception that is their own within ours, and they deserve to be accepted and loved by all.

On his show, “The Awful Truth,” Michael Moore has a large bus designed that he calls The Sodomobile.  In the sodomobile, him and numerous homosexuals follow a religious group, Rev. Fred Phelps and his followers, because they are harassing grieving families that have lost GLBT family members to aids or vicious hate crimes.  Rev. Phelps and his group show up at the funerals of these families, and while the families publicly mourn, him and his religious group hold up signs that say things like, “Fags Burn in Hell, Thank God for Aids, God Still Hates Fags, and Fags Die. God Laughs.”  They even have children hold up these signs while yelling hateful obscenities.  Will this behavior help end the hate crimes of children attacking or killing other children for being GLBT?  Absolutely not!  If there is a God, do I believe It hates?  Absolutely not!  I attached the Sodomobile video by Michael Moore, which is definitely worth watching.  He makes a joke out of this religious group, because it is a joke.  In my opinion, cavemen were more evolved than these folks.  Also, Ellen Degeneres discusses a hate crime committed by a child in the video I attached to my first blog.  She explains why the adults of our nation need to change in order to prevent children from murdering children in the future.  It too is a very interesting video and definitely worth watching.

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